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OUR OPINION: State group stonewalls on medical pot process

December 5, 2013 Quincy No Comments

It was a elementary request.

As partial of a coverage of Massachusetts’ medical pot hospital focus process, we asked a Department of Public Health, a state agency, for a names of those who will offer on a DPH’s preference committee. These are a people who, in a difference of a DPH, “ … will weigh and measure Phase 2 applications …”

The agency’s response to this elementary doubt was to specify it as an onerous, vital research/public record query, requiring hours of mechanism search, manpower and photocopying. It’s ridiculous.

A elementary doubt about a open routine should accept a simple, pure response. Instead, DPH officials chose to place barriers in a approach of a media and a public’s right to know who will establish where adult to 35 nonprofit medical pot dispensaries are sited opposite a country and who will work them.

This is a routine flush with cash. Each applicant had to ask carrying during slightest $500,000 in money on palm for any dispensary, and had to hack adult a reported $30,000 as a non-refundable focus fee. Millions of dollars are exchanging hands and we’re usually during Phase 2.

According to David Kibbe, communications executive for a DPH, a state will announce a final selections Jan. 31. As we reported Nov. 23, there are 100 applications for those 35 slots, including 3 from former congressman and longtime Norfolk County District Attorney William D. Delahunt.

Our idea in requesting this information is to see who a preference makers are and if any one of them has a dispute of seductiveness in portion on a preference committee. Our rough investigate shows that DPH Commissioner Cheryl Bartlett contributed $500 in Oct 2007 to Delahunt’s domestic movement committee. Whether that presents a dispute of seductiveness is for a state Ethics Commission to determine, though a open has a right to know.

We wish your thoughts. What do we consider of a DPH’s response to a request? Send us an email during [email protected] and greatfully be certain to embody your full name, city and phone series where we can strech you. Your opinion matters.

Article source: http://www.patriotledger.com/topstories/x919112674/OUR-OPINION-State-agency-stonewalls-on-medical-pot-process?rssfeed=true

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