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MALDEN MUSINGS Change and resolutions for 2014

January 19, 2014 Malden No Comments

Congratulation to Neal Anderson for his re-election for a second true year as Council president. An superb Council boss and excellent man.


· we have never felt some-more confident, per Malden’s future, than when we recently had a pleasure of operative with some of Malden’s best employees – Kathleen Manning Hall, Karen Colon Hayes, Sheila Fermano, Nancy Weiss, Barbara Murphy, and Maria Luisa. Six shining women, 6 shining people. More on a Inaugural Ceremonies of a Malden City Government, that took place Monday Jan. 6 in my subsequent Musings.

 · It’s THAT time of a year ago folks! The Sixth Annual “Frank Says Hi Scholarship Foundation Fundraiser in Memory of Frankie DeCandia” that is hosted by a Hunts Fantasy Football League during a Irish American Club, 177 West Street, on Friday, Jan. 31 from 7 pm to midnight.  Tickets are $20 and can be purchased during a doorway and includes a smorgasboard dinner.  There will also be a DJ and raffles.

 For some-more information, hit Stephanie Herrera during [email protected] or revisit franksayshi.com.

I positively will be there and we wish my readers will find a time to stop by.

 ·  When they told us in mid-2013 that a jobs would be sent unequivocally south of a limit to a distant divided land, we suspicion a day would never come, being 6 months divided and all.

Dec. 31 came and a association kept their word, we got laid-off. Not a ideal approach of starting off a year, nonetheless we got home in time for a New Years Eve Three Stooges Marathon that was overwhelming AND – with it came a clarity of optimism, being a fanciful new year and all that.

I vowed to write more. we vowed to re join a fanciful (relatively) new Y and get behind to my fighting weight. 

I vowed to finally get over to a Malden Public Library and take advantage of such an implausible place.

I vowed to try out a few new restaurants in Malden that we have never been to and write about them.

I vowed to be a bit some-more active in a city and get a small bit some-more involved.

My hopes, as we lay here in a coldest Jan solidify we can ever remember, are for an early Spring, a new Government Center, and (of course) a new job!

·  Rest in Peace to a dear crony of a Levine’s and of Malden’s, Pat Shaugnessey.

Enjoyed many a smashing dusk in a behind yard on Charles Street with Pat and his hermit Danny behind in a aged days. Pat was a humorous guy, a unequivocally good child as they used to say. Love to see a Facebook thread going on commemorating Pat’s life. All his aged friends and kin reminiscing – Meg Healy (Steve’s daughter), Jo Jo Proctor, Kevin and Tommy Brown, Dave Lubofsky, Joe Dimeco, and many more.

· At 3 wins and 5 waste to start a season, former Malden man John Presioza is not used to losing. The Bishop Fenwick High School initial year boys conduct basketball manager is still acid for that winning regulation that will take Fenwick in a same instruction as all his past coaching stops.

Coach “Prez” started his winning ways approach behind when Kenny Petralia asked him to manager a organisation in a Al Locke League, here in Malden, someday in a early 1990s. From there he put Bunker Hill Community College on a hoop map as conduct manager and helped flog start a Wheelock College boys basketball module also as conduct coach. Successful stints during Salem State University and Melrose High School and his knack for holding hoop programs and formulating a winning sourroundings brought him to a bucolic Fenwick campus in Peabody.

Most folks usually know Coach “Prez” for his unusual coaching skills and ability to get a many out of his players. In a past life nonetheless Coach “Prez” was a member of one of a initial inter-racial hip bound groups in Boston, true outta Newhall Street.

From his initial high form gig in 1986 with his boys “Double Def Crew,” opening for Extreme during an anti drug advantage during Malden High School’s Jenkins Auditorium – to removing sealed to a record understanding with his organisation Top Choice Clique to Nuno Bettencourt’s indie tag “Color Blind Records”  – with his organisation MC-DJ Force (Mike Fields) and Scratch master Gemini (Malden man Warren Walcott).

The outing for “Prez” has been a prolonged and successful one for certain (if not a small bizarre during times). More on Coach “Prez” in another Musings.

· Maldonian on a Encore Western TV Station. Watching my endorsed daily sip of westerns one late night we speckled nonetheless ANOTHER Malden man on late night TV. Maverick – starring James Garner, a 1957 part patrician “Ghost Rider” featured Malden child Dick “Sonny” Collier (listed on a credits usually as a “barfly”).

 Sonny had a prolonged and stately career as a impression actor in Hollywood. Parts in Blazing Saddles, Snow White and a Three Stooges, Imitation of Life (with Lana Turner), and as Otto Puffendorfer in a 1960′s Batman array places Sonny in a mythological Maldonian category!

            ·  Count me in as a fan of Virginia Ruane, Malden freelance author and smashing Maldonian.

· Happy birthday wishes go out to Frank Sinatra Jr  -  “The Chairboy of a Board” (as Paulie Walnuts called him during a cameo on a Soprano’s). Seventy years immature this past Jan. 10.

· House for sale in Malden – Oct 5, 1941 – 1 Lily Street.

3 bedrooms -  1 bath – 3,150 block feet – one-car garage

Asking cost in 1941: $5,300

Assessment in 1941: $5,000

“Zestimate” in 2013 $331,910


· The stability tale of Devir Park: 1973 was a scattered year for Devir Park.

    Walter “splendid idea, place a vast section building in a center of Malden Square and shoppers will group to it” Kelliher was Mayor.

    According to Ward 2 Councilor Billy Callahan a “neo-classical doric-columned” margin residence (The Band Stand) had turn an “eyesore” and a hangout for immature people.

    At one of a Council meetings, Councilor Callahan due a “Resolve” to a City Council. According to created accounts  “passionate wrangling ensued during a meeting.” Callahan mislaid his rage and during one indicate one of a younger observers pennyless into tears. we remember a assembly vaguely, not adequate of it to remember this ruckus.

    The “Resolve” upheld 6-5. Those voting to rip a Band Stand down, so ruining a summer, were Callahan, James Murphy, Phillip Elfman, Herbert Jackson, Paul Bartlett, and Councilor-Rep Jimmy Conway.

    Those voting opposite (and perpetually remaining nearby and dear in my heart) were William Patchell, Neil Callahan, John O’Neill, Tom Cosgrove, and a women who was WAY forward of her time Amelia Miclette.

      Again, according to created accounts “prospects for softened area peace seemed improved due to a YMCA Outreach Program organizing girl activities in several tools of a city.”

    Thank we Greg Albert (Director) of a program. Thank we Ronny Cox, Peggy Stallings, Allen Wynne, Paul O’Toole, and all a rest of a dedicated Outreach/Acid staff who helped lengthen a life of a Band Stand another 5 or so years.

·  My apologies for not removing this in BEFORE a election, so many columns – so small time. we had a pleasure of chatting with Gladys Rivera Rogers during a rite for Ptl Eddie Callahan. The former School Committee member placed fourth in her bid for a Council during Large chair with 2012 votes.  A long-time Maldonian who happens to be married to one of a best guys around (Chuckie), a chairman that seems to be during all places during all times, and clearly has detected a fountain of girl answered 10 questions for me about flourishing adult in Malden:

1. Favorite grill in Malden flourishing up? The Kernwood.

2. Favorite or many inspirational politician in Malden or locally flourishing up? JFK and MLK.

3. Favorite place to only hang out in Malden flourishing up? Ferryway Green, Harvard Park, Malden Square.

4. Who were your favorite low-pitched acts flourishing up? Beatles, Animals, Steve Tyler, Earth, Wind Fire all of MOTOWN- Stevie Wonder (remember?) … We were sanctified with so many greatness! Oh, musicals: West Side Story and Jesus Christ Super Star……!

5. Favorite pizza place flourishing adult in a city? Signor Pizza’s.

6. Fondest High School memory? Going to a Sugar Shack for Sunday Matinees.

7. Fondest 4th of Jul jubilee memory flourishing adult in Malden? Running races during a park.

8. Teacher during Malden High we dignified a many flourishing up? Principal Arthur Boyle.

9. Who were your favorite LOCAL low-pitched acts flourishing up? The Better Way.

10. Fondest memory of Malden Square? Just unresolved out. We all got along a fusco’s, glick’s and wannabees. Ha, ha.

·  Sincere condolences go out to Dave Angelo and his family for their new losses.

 ·  Stay comfortable dear readers – open is around a corner. Enjoy this aged Russian motto -  “The church is near, nonetheless a highway is icy.  The bar is far, nonetheless we will travel carefully”


Peter is a long-time Malden proprietor and a unchanging writer to a Malden Observer he can be reached during [email protected] for comments, compliments, complaints, or criticisms.

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